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Hajji Ali Alasady

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Umrah Ziyarah

Ziyarah 2013/1434H


Departure from USA: April 15, 2014

Stay in Medinah: 3 nights, stay in Mekkah: 4 nights

Stay in Iraq: 7 days

Stay in Iran: 6 days

Total package cost: $5,350

Umrah only: $3,150

Iraq only: $3,550

Iraq and Umrah: $4,950

Iraq and Iran: $4,250

Travel arrangements, visas, meals, and transportation are all included in the price.

For more information contact:

Dr. Asad Payman (for Farsi) at

(858) 603-3489

For Arabic and English speakers please contact:

Haji Ali Alasady at

(619) 208-2964

Thank you

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